Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vacation time

I’m going to be heading off on holidays  shortly. I probably won’t be posting anything here for the next one month atleast . Feel free to browse the archives while I’m away.

Will catch u up by the end of june with lots of new posts.- Smita

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Luminous Landscapes

The sudden blackout out after the thunderstorm inspired me to capture  this -picturesque view of the road  from my apartment . ( Click the pic to enlarge)

 I love the  Christmas tree like formation  that the headlights created.

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels it finds darkness has always got there first , & is waiting for it”   

                                                                                                       -Terry Pratchett

My Ode  to Watermelon

I always find the rainbow array of summer fruits at the fruit market irrestible. Lovely pinks, shiny yellows, rich chromes, luscious greens, deep velvety reds ….. the color palette seems to be unending.

Of all these beautiful n tasty treats of summer ,watermelon holds the honour of being the most beloved summer delight. The crunchy n juicy call of this divine fruit is irrestible. The delectable thirst quencher is a concentrated source of Vitamins A&C , lycopene and some powerful antioxidants.

The trip down the memory lane conjures images   from my childhood…….. juice dripping down my chin & mom’s scoldings on proper table manners ( which I always forgot while relishing this fruit).

While browsing the net for some yummy watermelon salad recipes( for my daughter’s little friends) I came across some lovely pix that inspired me to blog.

Of course I cudn't carve those watermelons so I used a parisienne scoop to scoopout some melon balls  & transformed the rind into leaves n hearts, enough to adore my dining table & fancy my  little guests .

Then comes the lovely internet stuff:-

The square watermelons that have been developed by the Japanese farmers. These easy to store melons are little uneasy on the pockets ( 100$ each !!!!!).

 (pic from


I was greatly impressed by the watermelon juice dispenser ( an easy DIY stuff). I would definitely make one for our next party.

Some cute, innovative  pics



My hats off to the veg carvers who have transformed simple rounds into objects de art

( pix from )


Buddies, last but not the least can u believe that 

scienists say that watermelons increase libido ( can’t believe click this link)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We’d been craving for some nice cheesy stuff since last couple of days. ( I shud mention Nandika n me , Sid is NOT fond of pizza !!) .

During my last Pizza cooking session I had promised Nandika that she could try her hands on one whenever I make it next time.

So today was her turn & she did an amazing job. Of course I had to guide her a little (esp. in the microwave part )coz shes jus 3 ½.

A yummmy stuff for mummy!!!!!!! My present for mother's day in advance.

Enjoy the pix below:-

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sand at the beach,
Sand at the shore.

Sand in the ocean
On the ocean floor.

Sand in the desert,
Sand on the ground.

Sand in a sandstorm
Blowing all around!

Sand from rock that has
Crumbled into grains

Sand in a sand dune
Shaped by wind and rains.

Sand on an island,
Sand in the sea.

Sand in the sandbox
For you and me.

-Meish Goldish



Our Sand Pit

At last our little sandpit ( read tub) is ready for playing. During every visit to the park my little daughter wished if she could some  get some more time in the sand pit to explore the little sculptor in her !

Aloha! Today was the first day of our sandplay (I also joined her!!! ). We created some animals , ' Our Family ' & 'The Traffic Police ' with this lovely &  therapautic  medium. The experience of the different temperatures and textures of of wet n dry is really inexpressible.  

Best of all ,I  love to  see her creativity budding.

And yes, this link is for the parents who do not allow kids to play with sand or mud.


Coloring pages

Last week  I was busy surfing the net for coloring pages. Besides being a good entertaining activity coloring is the best exercise to develop & enhance fine motor skills, color co- ordination and keeps the little one buzy for hours.

My little artist loves coloring .  Our praises and the  display of her works on our refrigerator (with few colorful magnets) is  enough to motivate her.  

Hope you’l enjoy these  links to some lovely coloring pages websites :


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mug Mania

I’m happy- its weekend ! Its been a crazy week ( and would be for another two months). My daughter’s summer vacation  has started so less of surfing and more of my involvement in online gaming , crafting and fun filled activities with her.

Couple of days back while shopping at a local market I picked up lovely multicolor mugs at a throwaway price ( Rs 100 only) .

Before I could be crafty enough and display my creativity on it my daughter decided to make those her as milk mugs ( one color for each day , Sunday -is of course a holiday for everything!!).

Surprisingly the magic of the color seems to have worked , nowadays the first thing what she wants in the morning is milk in her colorful mugs…..

Thank God ! Atleast for somedays I’ m free from her milk tantrums and  my efforts for making her drink milk.

Just hoping this color mania gives me relaxation for a longer time.


 The Fancy Dress Competition

At the playschool fancy dress competition we dressed up Nandika as a ‘ Driver & his Car’ and also composed and made her learn  a short poem :

This is my car (2)

My pink car (2)

Slowly Slowly I drive (2)

Or fast (2)


It has four wheels(2)

Round Round Round (2)

And a Loud horn (2)

Pom Pom Pom (2)


( Rhythm Ref- ‘I hear thunder’)


Nandika won the first prize.

 No doubt Sid , my hubby had put in lots of efforts to craft out the car from old cartons & coloured papers.

Maggi is 25!!!!

Unbelieveable! Maggi has completed 25 years( courtesy: New maggi commercials)

It is something all of us have grown up eating and is still our fav instant food.                                     

Over all these years it has been the shortest path ( read 2 mins ) to satisfy our hunger pangs. And never the less our  foremost introduction to global cuisines  and fast foods.

My hubby & I have been relishing Maggi Omlette since last 5 yrs . So buddies here goes the recipe.

Do try n let me know…….


Well, a pack of Maggi , 2 eggs & a bit of cheese ….. is enough for this feast.



1 packet of Maggi Masala Noodles , 2 eggs,  ¼ cup greated cheese ( can be omitted for a lower cal version), salt n pepper to taste.



Crush the noodles into little bits while still in packet. Open the packet and transfer noodles into a bowl.

Heat 1 ½ cups of water in a pan & add the crushed Maggi  n tastemaker , cook for 2 mins till its done. Strain the soup (water ) & keeep aside.

In a separate container beat the eggs , add salt n pepper. Mix in the cooked  Maggi and cheese (opt). 

Slowly pour half the  batter on a non stick or skillet & cook for 2-3 mins till the egg is done.Repeat with the remaining batter.

Garnish with coriander & chilly flakes and

let the Nom Nom Nom’ing begin.