Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mug Mania

I’m happy- its weekend ! Its been a crazy week ( and would be for another two months). My daughter’s summer vacation  has started so less of surfing and more of my involvement in online gaming , crafting and fun filled activities with her.

Couple of days back while shopping at a local market I picked up lovely multicolor mugs at a throwaway price ( Rs 100 only) .

Before I could be crafty enough and display my creativity on it my daughter decided to make those her as milk mugs ( one color for each day , Sunday -is of course a holiday for everything!!).

Surprisingly the magic of the color seems to have worked , nowadays the first thing what she wants in the morning is milk in her colorful mugs…..

Thank God ! Atleast for somedays I’ m free from her milk tantrums and  my efforts for making her drink milk.

Just hoping this color mania gives me relaxation for a longer time.


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