Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Ode  to Watermelon

I always find the rainbow array of summer fruits at the fruit market irrestible. Lovely pinks, shiny yellows, rich chromes, luscious greens, deep velvety reds ….. the color palette seems to be unending.

Of all these beautiful n tasty treats of summer ,watermelon holds the honour of being the most beloved summer delight. The crunchy n juicy call of this divine fruit is irrestible. The delectable thirst quencher is a concentrated source of Vitamins A&C , lycopene and some powerful antioxidants.

The trip down the memory lane conjures images   from my childhood…….. juice dripping down my chin & mom’s scoldings on proper table manners ( which I always forgot while relishing this fruit).

While browsing the net for some yummy watermelon salad recipes( for my daughter’s little friends) I came across some lovely pix that inspired me to blog.

Of course I cudn't carve those watermelons so I used a parisienne scoop to scoopout some melon balls  & transformed the rind into leaves n hearts, enough to adore my dining table & fancy my  little guests .

Then comes the lovely internet stuff:-

The square watermelons that have been developed by the Japanese farmers. These easy to store melons are little uneasy on the pockets ( 100$ each !!!!!).

 (pic from


I was greatly impressed by the watermelon juice dispenser ( an easy DIY stuff). I would definitely make one for our next party.

Some cute, innovative  pics



My hats off to the veg carvers who have transformed simple rounds into objects de art

( pix from )


Buddies, last but not the least can u believe that 

scienists say that watermelons increase libido ( can’t believe click this link)

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