Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sand at the beach,
Sand at the shore.

Sand in the ocean
On the ocean floor.

Sand in the desert,
Sand on the ground.

Sand in a sandstorm
Blowing all around!

Sand from rock that has
Crumbled into grains

Sand in a sand dune
Shaped by wind and rains.

Sand on an island,
Sand in the sea.

Sand in the sandbox
For you and me.

-Meish Goldish



Our Sand Pit

At last our little sandpit ( read tub) is ready for playing. During every visit to the park my little daughter wished if she could some  get some more time in the sand pit to explore the little sculptor in her !

Aloha! Today was the first day of our sandplay (I also joined her!!! ). We created some animals , ' Our Family ' & 'The Traffic Police ' with this lovely &  therapautic  medium. The experience of the different temperatures and textures of of wet n dry is really inexpressible.  

Best of all ,I  love to  see her creativity budding.

And yes, this link is for the parents who do not allow kids to play with sand or mud.


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