Monday, June 29, 2009

Look what I did with a leaf

“ Autumn is the second spring where every leaf is a flower”- Albert Camus.

What could be more quintessentially  creative than turning leaves into a piece of art. My daughter and I played a litle more these summer mornings

 and went around collecting lots of beautiful leaves of varied shapes n textures to make a leaf collage for her summer project.

Since my school days I’ve always been very fond of greens , collecting beautiful leaves n then pressing them in encyclopedias was one of my favourite activity which  faded away with time.

 'Leaf Man’ by Louis Ehlert revived my hobby n  inspired me to make some leafy creations.  

Amazing  leaf art by Japanese artist Kazuo Akasaki was also a great source of inspiration.

The russian site with instructions on making a  maple leaf bouquet is worth seeing.        Hey I also cudn’t read the text but the pics are very much self explanatory.


 My creations- Enjoy!!!!!



  1. just cant beleive this. Amazing piece of work... have you made this?

  2. thanks dear!!! The credit goes to nandika also coz she helps me ( without distrbing) in all my creative tasks.

  3. Very Very innovative, Hats off to u that u still have so much of zeal for creativity.....
    very nice....

  4. Wow! Creativity at its best .. I luv dng such things too ... will take ideas from u :)

  5. Thanks buddies.
    @ Swaram - thanks dear . I wud love to c ur creations .

  6. So lovely and your photography is excellent.