Monday, June 29, 2009

Fighting Boredom 

Like all children my little princess Nandika also gets bored easily. As a mom I always think it is the parents duty to overcome this boredom by channelising their energy in the right direction.

Being an ardent Art & Craft lover I find this is the most suitable time to let my little one to plunge in this pool of immense  joy- the world of creativity

These days we’ve been taken over  by a new hobby- The Japanese art of paper folding or  Origami. Origami is no less than a magic for Nandika- when few folds by her little hands transform a plain paper into a 2D/3D objects d’ art.

Few colorful sheets & some good references are enough to persue this hobby……….



  1. Hi Bhabhi,
    saw your blog today. I am seriously telling you, I am blowed over with your creativity... truly its awesome...
    just a suggesstion: i seroiusly think that should create an official blog where you post only your creative work or amazing pics taken by you (like lighting in delhi one).

  2. Thanks for the compliments dear...... I wil dfntly create one wenevr i gt lots of spare time...!

  3. Am sure Nandika would have had a blast making these... really cute :-)

  4. Dear Smita,thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving your comments.I am glad you did,now I get to visit and appreciate your creativity. Your daughter is so cute and she I love the way you are making her little world so full of creativity with all the exciting foods presented most brilliantly *thumbs up* and origami.Keep it up !!!