Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Touching Story

"All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from the heart, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired."- Martin Luther

The cover page of  this Sunday’s Times Life( supplement of TOI , New Delhi) had a touching real life story of a mom and her struggle to upbring her daughters. The daughter fulfills her mother’s dreams by becoming Femina Miss India World .I’m talking of no other than Pooja Chopra. The achievement of her transformation from an unwanted to a celeb status should really be credited to her mother’s sacrifices.

The article almost brought tears in my eyes , it is such an agony that there are still so many families who in desire of a son neglect their daughters !!

All I can say is that Mrs Chopra is truly a real ‘Women of Substance’ .


  1. I apologize but i am not as forgiving of the mom or the daughters ... yes the mom is a brave soul, and yes it would have taken guts and sacrifice to get the glory... but the fact of the matter is that she sh'dnt have left her hubby like the way she did... she sh'd have fought tooth and nail... and made his life hell...
    she sd'd have got a divorce, and alimony and maintenance of her kids.
    I am sure that now when both are kids are settled, she can still claim from her "BusinessMan" husband and expose him.
    By taking out that article, i am not sure we are making women more brave or more silly and escapist. This woman did not fight where she sh'd have, she ran away - to build her life - and the kids had to pay for her faux-pas
    i hope that the article would have lamblasted the mom for her choice of action... and would have told women today of what they sh'd do in such cases.
    I feel that what happened to Mrs.Chopra, and will happen to many more ... happened because of what She did , not her husband.

  2. I completely agree with Hemang.Though I can understand why Mrs Chopra's story would bring tears to many an eye. I too am a woman, have two kids, and old parents I wouldn't dream of burdening with added responsibility if God forbid something like this happened to me(the only difference in our stories being that I don't have an abusive man!) But would I do what Mrs Chopra did? NO. If I had to leave the brute, I would do so ASAP. Mrs Chopra claims she didn't want to burden her mother, brother n etc. Would she have been a bigger burden if she went alone, since her marriage didnt work out from Day 1?? But she stuck around till she bore the B@#$%^%& TWO kids!!! and THEN, she moved in with her folks! Even if I choose to believe that she wasn't professionally qualified, after all those years, with two kids in tow, she landed a job with Taj Colaba. Surely she wouldve done better if she was younger (read: immediately after marriage). And why is the story saying she chose her kids over her husband?? Her husband had a roving eye. He couldn't care less what she did...and yet, this woman hoped she gave him a son so as to resurrect the marriage that never was!It makes me wonder if Mrs Chopra never ever regreted having Pooja. She desperately needed a son, didn't she??

  3. Bonjour!
    Thanks for reading. I agree with both of u till some extent . As far as Mrs Chopra’s case is concerned I think all of us will agree that we Indians try our best (till utmost levels) to make our marriage work rather than just putting r hands up n walking out.
    I think we are forgetting that her story dates back to 20 -25 yrs when divorce was almost a taboo in our society. ( I don’t mean that divorces didn’t happen then ) ,besides this bearing the tag of a divorcee then was enough to outhrow a lady from the society (irrespective of her being innocent).
    Times have changed and so have our thoughts . Of course nowadays , none of us will suffer such attrocities at any cost , and we will dfntly take the paths that u both have mentioned.