Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Phoenix Rises

 Its beeen ages ( or more precisely 8-10 years since I sat down to write my thoughts n feelings. There used to be times when I was very fond of penning my thoughts (which were sometimes poetries ) into my diary, but then came my career with the long working hours and the hobbies faded away.

After my little princess ( my daughter) Nandika ‘s birth my life began to revolve around her hardly leaving anytime for myself. The joy of motherhood made me forget my career, my hobbies n likings. My world revolved  around my little princess.

Sometimes when she was asleep I used to feel as if  I’m lost but my guardian angel always motivated me . Nandika has  now started going to a formal school leaving a lot of time for myself.

I’m an ardent believer of the saying “ The hands that rock the cradle can rule the world”. So after many years I sit down to revive myself.




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